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Downtown Businesses Battling Crows Again | Springfield, Oh News | Www.springfieldnewssun.com

Avril Lavigne Is Suffering From A Mysterious Health Problem | The Inquisitr News

Were not talking even 1,000 birds, were talking 50,000 to 60,000 birds that come downtown its right out of a Hitchcock movie, Sherrock said. City employees and the local businesses decided to ramp up their fight with the crows this year and are in the midst of an extensive two-week plan to convince the birds to choose a roosting place away the downtown area. Businesses are paying hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars to remove the droppings the birds leave every morning. There are also other damages, like the stones crows swallow to help digest their food and are left behind to clog up gutters on buildings, Sherrock said.
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In Ebola outbreak, bad data adds another problem - Yahoo News

Huge thx to my fans for the support. Couldnt health diseases and disorders do it w/o u! Avril Lavignes representatives have been contacted for more information on her health, but they havent responded. The stars private life has been a topic of discussion on the internet lately, particularly about her marriage to Nickelbacks Chad Kroeger. There have been numerous reports that Avrils relationship is in peril, but neither Lavigne nor Kroeger have ever confirmed the rumors of infidelity .
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A week ago, the World Health Organization insisted at a media briefing it had mostly met targets to isolate 70 percent of Ebola patients and bury 70 percent of victims safely in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. But two days later, WHO backtracked and said that data inconsistencies meant they really didn't know how many patients were being isolated. Then the U.N. health agency also conceded that many of the safe burials were of people not actually killed by Ebola.
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