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How To Protect Seniors From Health Insurance Scams - Yahoo News

teenage eating disorders "This summary tells you every claim that has been made to Medicare on your account," Hurme says. "If the summary says you went to the doctor when you didn't or you got a heart transplant when you actually got a flu shot, then you know there's a problem." If you notice an error , immediately contact the health care provider. "It could just be an honest mistake that can easily be corrected," Simpson says. But if the provider balks, it may be time to notify the authorities of a possible scam. For help understanding your Medicare summary notice, check out AARP's decoder .
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Quinn: Hey Apple Health, did you forget about women? - ContraCostaTimes.com

Via the censors on my iPhone, Health charts the stairs I climb and steps I take without me asking. There is even a category called the "peripheral perfusion index," which I've learned is the strength of one's pulse. But the app doesn't yet offer a way for women to track their menstrual cycles, something that many health professionals consider essential. You may ask, "So what?" There's plenty of menstrual and fertility tracking apps out there. Surely, Apple's Health app doesn't have to do it all.
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