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Officials Looking At Ways To Improve Health Of Clark County Residents - Www.ktnv.com

Health Rankings for U.S. Counties Released

Gray Television, Inc. We might expect them to be a little higher in their ranking because of some of the health criteria," said Dr. Joseph Iser with the Southern Nevada Health District. The study out of the University of Wisconsin looks at health behaviors, healthcare, economics and the environment to determine the rankings. While Clark County came treatment for eating disorders in sixth, Lincoln County came in at No. 1 and Nye County dead last. Some of the major factors contributing to the health problems across Clark County are lack of health insurance, high violent crime rate and poor high school graduation rates. Officials said education and healthcare go hand-in-hand and you can't improve healthcare without education. "The focus is how do we get the word out, how do we help with some of these issues and I think it does come back to education a lot.
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75% of the pledges aimed to provide consumer information and choice - interventions that are known to have limited effectiveness. The other 25% included measures such as reducing alcohol content in products. However, the researchers also noted that where some producers and retailers reported taking measures to reduce alcohol units, these appear to mainly involve launching and promoting new low-unit products rather than removing units from existing high-unit products. This could potentially increase the total number of alcohol products on the market. Annual progress reports from organisations on their pledges were most often found to be poor quality, incomplete or unavailable.* Only 11% of alcohol pledge-related activities were found to be a direct result of the Responsibility Deal, with 65% actions the organisations were already undertaking.** The researchers say that while alcohol pledges may contribute to improving consumers' knowledge and awareness, they are unlikely to be effective in reducing alcohol consumption. Lead author Dr Cecile Knai, from the Policy Innovation Research Unit at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said: "We know that effective voluntary agreements are based on clearly-defined, evidence-based and quantifiable targets, which require partners to go beyond 'business as usual', and penalties for not delivering the pledges. However the alcohol pledges of the Public Health Responsibility haven't met these criteria. "Excessive alcohol consumption continues to be a major public health problem in England and needs to be addressed by effective interventions, notably those which change the market environment to make alcohol less available and more expensive.
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Health disconnector: Customers angered by coverage hurdles | Boston Herald

"As far as health outcomes and health factors, what we see is encouraging trends. One area that our health department is looking at is chronic disease, risk factors of chronic disease and root causes of chronic disease," health care plans explained Court Witschey, Administrator at the Washington County Health Department. Witschey said his department has a "Creating Healthy Communities" grant and a brand new "Chronic Disease Prevention" grant. He explained that the health rankings have helped them target certain areas in need of improvement within the community. Currently, their focus includes tobacco use, physical activity and nutrition. One positive national trend this year is a decline in premature death rates. A growing problem area across much of the U.S.
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Public Health Responsibility Deal unlikely to be an effective response to alcohol harms | EurekAlert! Science News

He later health ins learned his payment didnt go through, but was never notified of the failure or that his insurance was canceled, until after the surgery. I received no email, no telephone call, no piece of mail indicating any kind of a problem, he said. As of current health event yesterday, he still had no resolution from the Connector. Frustrated customers have slammed the Connectors Facebook page with complaints and problems over the last few days, lamenting abruptly canceled health plans and long customer service hold times. Among them: A woman primary health care who claims shes been paying her monthly bill but was told by her hospital that her plan has been canceled and to contact the Connector, which has resulted in long wait times of an hour or more. You guys are the stuff nightmares are made of, the woman wrote to Connector staff. A woman who tried to pay online and has even reached a payment confirmation page only to find the money was never deducted from her account, and letters keep arriving threatening cancellation due to nonpayment.
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